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No Bull, Just Build

StraightUp is everything the commercial real estate market should be – but isn’t : Transparent and accessible to all accredited investors. Created by developers with a successful track record and who have skin in every deal.

What StraightUp Does Differently
Forget about the black box to which you’ve become accustomed when investing in a fund or REIT. When investing in a project on StraightUp, you’ll be able to run the numbers, perform sensitivity analysis, and monitor the project’s progress.
Skin In The Game
Developers whose projects appear on StraightUp will be required to maintain a substantial equity stake in the project throughout its entire duration.
Location, Location...
StraightUp and its founders have decades of experience in top tier urban markets, therefore differentiating our assets and offering from other platforms.

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Everything Real Estate Investment Should Be

September 2017
Time-lapse for September
July 2017
The Pieces Are In Place
We've moved in to the site. Looking forward to commence work.
December 2017
Commenced drilling on site
August 2017
Scaffolding of 215 West 28th Street