Why Invest With StraightUp?
We set out to democratize an asset class that is currently endorsed by a very specific type of investors, big ones. Transparent, direct, aligned and other financial benefits are key features of our investments.
StraightUp is everything the New York commercial real estate market should be – but isn’t: Transparent and accessible to all accredited investors.  Created by developers with a successful track record and who have skin in every deal.
With StraightUp, you can hand-pick the project in which you would like to invest. You’ll receive a membership interest in the StraightUp LLC formed solely for the purpose of investing in that specific project. It’s the most direct way possible to invest in high growth projects of this scale.
Unlike debt investments offered by many other platforms, your  returns generated from equity investments are NOT capped. The sky literally is the limit.
How different classes of capital react to an increase in project value.
Developers whose projects appear on StraightUp will be required to maintain a substantial equity stake in the project throughout its entire duration. StraightUp itself also intends to invest its own capital in each project marketed on the platform.

This structure aligns all stakeholder incentives to maximize the value of the equity in which you will invest.
We like to say that we make concrete transparent.  Forget about the black box to which you’ve become accustomed when investing in a fund or REIT.

When investing in a project on StraightUp, you’ll be able to run the numbers, perform sensitivity analysis, and monitor the project’s progress with real time video – all with the help of our data-rich, user-friendly investment platform.
The StraightUp team is comprised of real estate and consumer web veterans. Together with our team of lawyers, accountants, and finance professionals, we’ll ensure that no legal, regulatory, financial, tax, or user experience stone is unturned.