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We've been there

Our development roots equip us with an insider perspective into the trials and travails that you face when raising funds for each project. We will leverage this experience and insight to work together with you to act as a seamless, reliable, quick, and competitively priced source of capital.

Broader Access

StraightUp will significantly expand your access to a wide array of investors throughout the country and the world. By democratizing the process of investing in large scale development, StraightUp will afford you with access to a large number of individual investors who would never have been able to invest in your projects in the past.

We’ll do the 'Heavy Lifting'

You may raise funds from tens or hundreds of investors via the StraightUp platform – but you’ll only interact with the StraightUp team. We will act as the investors’ representative, aggregate all funds raised, update investors on the project’s status, address questions or concerns, and eventually distribute proceeds. This will allow you to focus on what you do best – building high quality, large scale properties throughout the country.

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